The Carlos lopes Pavilion is a survivor of the ruin, a beautiful Art Deco building, totally restored in 2016.

Like the small and large palaces of Paris built for the 1900 Universal Exhibition, Lisbon has an exhibition pavilion in the Art Deco style.

This pavilion was built in 1921 to represent Portugal at the Rio de Janeiro World Expo the following year. It was here that its incredible history began as the building was transported by boat in parts to the Brazilian exhibition. Before returning to Lisbon, in the same way and by the same path, 7 years later.

It was then found in the Portuguese capital a green setting developed in the meantime, the Edouard VI park, turned towards the Tagus, above Lisbon.

The pavilion was used for a long time for political meetings and then for the World Skate Hockey Championships (1947).

In 2008, the building was named after Carlos Lopes, in honour of the long-distance runner, the first sportsman to give Portugal a gold medal at the 1984 Olympic Games. Then it’s oblivion… and ruin.

In very poor condition, the building was finally saved. Its magnificent restored azulejos.

Don’t miss the wrought iron galleries, the monumental staircase, and the exhibition dedicated to the runner Carlos Lopes.

The pavilion is not always open: it serves as an event room. But going around it, admiring its statuary and faience panels, and letting the view of Lisbon run away below is in itself a beautiful objective for a walk.

Av Sidónio Pais. Easy access by the metro line blue line station “Parque”.