Fêtes de juin à Lisbonne

The sardine is more than just a fish in Portugal! It’s a symbol, a companion for festivals and a typical way of life. And of course, a delicious dish

The Lisbon Festas are under the protection of the popular saints: Anthony, John and Peter. From pagan traditions to devotion and culture, there’s something for everyone throughout the month of June. Viva Santo Antonio.

Manjerico basilique

The basil manjerico is a token of love that is offered at the time of Saint Anthony. It is one of the traditions associated with the festivities in honor of the patron saint of Lisbon and throughout Portugal.

Jacarandas are well acclimatised in Portugal. In Lisbon their lovely blue-violet flowers give a romantic air to the capital. They bloom in May/June

The bougainvillea is the other flowery show in Lisbon and Portugal, with the jacarandas. The pretty coloured spots of the exuberant tree sing the Mediterranean in the heart of the ocean capital.

Bola de Berlim the tipical pastry shop in summer on beach

In summer at the beach we love to taste a “Bola de Berlim”. Tradition and emotion of the pleasure of holiday days. To taste.

Fest for Sant Anthony in Lisbon

The June Festivals in Lisbon in honour of the popular Saints, including Saint Anthony, patron saint of the city. Marches parades, neighbourhood competitions, flunkies and grilled sardines in the streets. A popular Lisbon with an incredible charm.

June celebrating Saint Anthony in Lisbon

June is a celebration. The celebration of populars Saints. The one of Saint Anthony. Popular and joyful, the festivals bring life to the city and give it a touch of madness. Intense cultural program for these June festivals.