Martim Branco, a delightful schist village brought out of oblivion. Hospitality and discoveries, for a relaxing and diversified stay.

Marmoris Hotel in Alentejo

Hotel Marmoris in Vila Viçosa is dedicated to marble, the wealth of the region. The quality of a 5-star hotel and a high level gastronomic experience.

Quinta do extrema one of the wines of the wine domain Colinas do Douro

The Colinas do Douro vineyard is a new arrival on the Douro market. An exceptional terroir between schist and granite, a vineyard at an altitude of 640 metres. To be enjoyed.

Palais bleu des Ducs de Bragança

A city in Alentejo that has an extraordinary ducal palace. Blue marble is not its only richness.

Bola de Berlim the tipical pastry shop in summer on beach

In summer at the beach we love to taste a “Bola de Berlim”. Tradition and emotion of the pleasure of holiday days. To taste.

L’Hôtel Herdade dos Delgados offre un confort moderne et une belle prestation de services pour découvrir l’Alentejo, sa richesse historique et sa nature vibrante. à découvrir aux alentours: Mourão, Esporão, Monsaraz

Design hotel Vila Foz

Hotel Vila Foz in Matosinhos near Porto overlooks the ocean. A charming stopover in an old “années folles” manor house or in its modern and comfortable version. A Design hotel and refined restaurants.

L'art s'associe aux affaires: création d'une Open Art Gallery à la Lionesa

The Lionesa in Matosinhos (Porto) is a contemporary business centre. An Open Air Gallery has just been created to run this 5000-person work centre.

Fundão and the surrounding villages near the Estrela and Gardunha hills celebrate Easter between Christian and pagan rites. Fervour, hospitality, kindness and simplicity are wonderful. Gastronomy makes everyone agree.

The Terras sem sombra, Lands without shade festival takes place from January to June and allows you to discover the culture and biodiversity of the Alentejo region in southern Portugal. Landscapes and people invite you to take the time