Harvest at the Companhia das Lezirias

The Lezirias estate (Companhia das Lezirias) is offering a Harvest Saturday.
The idea is to accompany the grapes from the moment they are cut to the moment they are made into wine.

Visitors are invited to participate in all the stages of wine making.

The programme is called “Vendanges de A à Z” (Harvest from A to Z): a walk through the vineyards, an explanation of the grape varieties, selecting the grapes and cutting them.

Afterwards, the Saturday picker can tread the grapes – a fun experience – and taste the must.

The Lezirias estate also offers wine tasting and a picnic.

You can also visit the Catapereiro winery.

The experience of harvest  takes place on Saturday


                                                  Informed harvesting

The one-day harvest is an opportunity to learn about the work of wine production.
A bottle of the year’s harvest will be reserved for each participant and delivered the following year.

Groups of minimum 8 people can harvest on a weekday by reservation.

The activity is available until the end of September and must be booked 72 hours in advance.

Adega de Catapereiro, Estrada Nacional 118, Km20, Samora Correia
enoturismo@cl.pt / telefone 212349016

price: 50 euros /person


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