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and Lisbon, its vibrant, welcoming capital.

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Schist village- Aldeia xisto

Martim Branco Center

center of portugal

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hills tramcar tourmarie-line darcy
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Red tram circuit of the hills. Lisbon

The red Hills Tramcar Tour offers a privileged approach to Lisbon: guaranteed seating, audio guide in many languages, and a Hop on-Hop off system to better appreciate the city.
Schist village- Aldeia xistomarie-line darcy
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Schist village. Center of Portugal. Martim Branco .

Martim Branco, a delightful schist village brought out of oblivion. Hospitality and discoveries, for a relaxing and diversified stay.
Traditional fischingmarie-line darcy
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Lisbon. Visit. South bank of the Tagus and Cacilhas

Cacilhas south shore and Caparica will be discovered with a guide. The best way not to miss the best of a refreshing and curious walk. Follow the guide!
cascaismarie-line darcy
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Cascais. Seaside destination near Lisbon

Cascais is the Portuguese Riviera. Chic, glamorous and pretty, the city has an interesting heritage. Its beaches are its pride and joy. The Tagus and the Atlantic meet there for an ideal marriage for the holidays.
Near the beaxhmarie-line darcy

Clean and safe. The Portuguese tourism label

Clean and safe, a label to guarantee the best hygiene at your holiday destination in Portugal. We tell you everything.
The portuguese brand Sanjo for tennis shoes
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Sanjo, the Portuguese tennis

Tennis has its own name in Portugal: Sanjo! A brand born in the 30's, faithful to its know-how but with contemporary values. Vintage design made in Portugal

Lisbonne affinités unfolds all the tips, tricks, anecdotes, stories and interesting places in Lisbon and the area, especially those off the beaten track, with the wish to help you explore (discover) the best of this magnificent and mysterious city

Les saveurs du Portugal

Un livre de recettes par Line Lisbonne et Marie-Line Darcy.