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Bougainvillea fest in Summer in Lisbon and Portugalmarie-line darcy
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Bougainvillea. A natural ornament

The bougainvillea is the other flowery show in Lisbon and Portugal, with the jacarandas. The pretty coloured spots of the exuberant tree sing the Mediterranean in the heart of the ocean capital.
The Tapada of Ajuda vineyardmarie-line darc
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Harvest in Lisbon

The pleasure of harvesting in the heart of Lisbon. Ajuda's tapada and its vines, an outdoor activity.
Carcavelos the first beach near Lisbonmarie-line darcy
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Carcavelos beach. The accessible

Lisbon is the only European capital by the sea. Carcavelos, his first beach. Easy access, a large strip of blond sand.
Gourmet dessert from the Boi-Cavalo in Alfamamarie-line darcy
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Boi Cavalo (the wildebeest) Restaurant

Alfama has some nice surprises in store. You can eat original food at the Boi-Cavalo, which offers an inventive tasting menu.
Alamal Beach on the Tagus with footbridges and nic epoint of view
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Alamal, the beach of Belver and its footbridges on the Tagus

Alamal beach opposite Belver, the footbridges along the Tagus, the breathtaking view of the river from the village of Outeiro and bird watching: an invigorating stay.
Village of Belvermarie-line darcy

Belver, guardian of the Tagus

Belver, a magnificent castle overlooking the Tagus and a charming village. The Tagus' footbridges are nearby, in Alamal. Beach, canoeing, hiking, and bird watching, no time to get bored.

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