Bougainvilliers et azulejos à Lisbonne

and Lisbon, its vibrant, welcoming capital.

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The Carlos Lopes pavilion


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Un tram à l'ancienne à Lisbonne

The red tram


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Red tram. A journey in complete peace of mind

The red tram touristic in Lisbon is a good way to visit and explore the beautiful capital of Portugal.
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Dona Graça. Hotel apartment

A charming apartment hotel in the Graça district in a typical style. A pleasant location in the heart of Lisbon with a swimming pool to cool off in the heart of summer.

Art Déco. The Carlos Lopes Pavilion in Lisbon

The discover of an exhibition pavilion in the Art Deco style in Lisbon downtown

Lisbonne affinités unfolds all the tips, tricks, anecdotes, stories and interesting places in Lisbon and the area, especially those off the beaten track, with the wish to help you explore (discover) the best of this magnificent and mysterious city

Les saveurs du Portugal

Un livre de recettes par Line Lisbonne et Marie-Line Darcy.