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Fest for Sant Anthony in Lisbon
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The Marches for Sant Anthony

The June Festivals in Lisbon in honour of the popular Saints, including Saint Anthony, patron saint of the city. Marches parades, neighbourhood competitions, flunkies and grilled sardines in the streets. A popular Lisbon with an incredible charm.
June celebrating Saint Anthony in Lisbon
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June in Lisbon. Popular festivals

June is a celebration. The celebration of populars Saints. The one of Saint Anthony. Popular and joyful, the festivals bring life to the city and give it a touch of madness. Intense cultural program for these June festivals.
Espiga bouquet of ascension au Portugal

Espiga. Traditional bouquet of the ascension

The Espiga bouquet. A beautiful tradition that continues. A symbol of prosperity, intended to celebrate the summer season, Christianity has made the Espiga coincide with the Ascension.
Fascinating Brain Expo Lisbon

Brain/ Cérebro. Exposition

The exhibition Cérebro/Brain offers a journey into our minds. Playful and learned, moving and relevant, an exhibition for the whole family for a joyful storm under the skull.
place de l'empire à Lisbonne quartier de Belém

Iberian masks festival 2019

The Iberian Mask Festival is a dive into the carnival tradition of the northern provinces of Portugal and western Spain. Lisbon organises an annual festival rich in colour and sound.
Lisbonne nocturne
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Lisbon under the stars. Sound and light show

Le spectacle Lisbon Under Stars, Lisbonne sus les étoiles se déroule dans les ruines du couvent des Carmes et raconte plusieurs siècles d'histoire: sons, lumières, vidéo. Un spectacle à 360 degrés pour découvrir Lisbonne autrement.

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Les saveurs du Portugal

Un livre de recettes par Line Lisbonne et Marie-Line Darcy.