Charming hotel apartment in Graça, Lisbon

A beautiful 19th century building, a discreet street, a still authentic Graça district….three good reasons to discover Dona Graça.

A two-in-one concept of an apartment-hotel, with rooms adjoining a living room and a kitchenette.
The materials chosen for the walls and decoration are noble: wood, stone, metal. Simplicity studied with…sophistication.

The rooms where wood dominates have refined comfort, without however imposing a too busy scenario. Graça, grace, is found in this small hotel built in place of an old mansion in ruins. Three friends, including an architect, have decided to restore the beautiful residence to its former glory.  In Dona Graça, two floors have been converted to accommodate 8 suites. Some overlook the street, others the garden and the swimming pool.

Small, the pool, but it has the merit of being there, in its lawn setting and one can imagine how much the freshness it brings during the summer heat is welcome. It is always a pleasure to take a dive into the heart of Lisbon.

Translated with

The patio is partially surrounded by the white walls of the old outbuildings. The feeling of being in Alentejo or Algarve is really very strong.  Like the rest of the house, these buildings have been carefully restored.

The “Apartment-hotel” system allows very independent stays. However, breakfast is included, and every morning the necessary ingredients, fresh bread and pastries, are placed in a jute bag. Milk and orange juice etc. Impeccable service, one of Dona Graça’s most valuable assets.

On the ground floor of Dona Graça, in addition to the reception, there is a shop that offers wine and cheese, as well as some delicacies. The shop also offers blankets and pure wool scarves from the Chicoração brand, which also warms up many parts of the house. The building has an adjacent parking lot.

We love

The swimming pool, of an intimate dimension, but which has the merit of existing in the heart of Lisbon. The patio without vis-à-vis. The purified and quality materials. The location in Graça.


The price. It may seem a little high for a apartment-hotel. Especially since the reservation is for a minimum of two days.