Muro, an urban art festival, with murals, exhibitions and concerts from 20 to 29 October 2023

The Old and Very Old Ports are 50 or 80 years old. Rare and precious wines, to be savoured slowly and intensely. Ports for connoisseurs and for special occasions.

restaurant Harmonia

Harmonia est un restaurant portugais qui propose une cuisine traditionnelle de qualité.

Festival in june in Lisbon

Les fêtes de juin à Lisbonne sont consacrées essentiellement à Saint Antoine. Le saint patron- non officiel- fait l’objet d’une vénération importante. Mais c’est aussi l’occasion de faire la fête. la tradition et la modernité se rejoignent désormais pour enchanter les nuits Lisboètes.

Manjerico basilique

The basil manjerico is a token of love that is offered at the time of Saint Anthony. It is one of the traditions associated with the festivities in honor of the patron saint of Lisbon and throughout Portugal.

The June festivities in Lisbon are dedicated to the popular saints: Saint Anthony, Saint John and Saint Peter. It’s a time for entertainment, culture and outings with family and friends. The streets and squares are decked out in song and dance for 1 month.

The Lisbon Oceanario or aquarium is one of the most beautiful in the world. It is one of the most popular attractions. It fascinates young and old alike

Jacarandas are well acclimatised in Portugal. In Lisbon their lovely blue-violet flowers give a romantic air to the capital. They bloom in May/June


Open House Lisbon is dedicated to architecture for a weekend. Unusual or closed to the public, usually emblematic places to visit for free

The cataplana is both a utensil and a dish. A beautiful object and an ancient tradition for delicate, fragrant, simple but tasty dishes.