restaurant Harmonia

Harmonia est un restaurant portugais qui propose une cuisine traditionnelle de qualité.

The cataplana is both a utensil and a dish. A beautiful object and an ancient tradition for delicate, fragrant, simple but tasty dishes.

The Cicero Bistrot is a restaurant that combines Art and Gastronomy, France and Brazil, without forgetting Portugal. To be tasted with the eyes and a fork. Campo de Ourique, Lisbon


The harvest at the Catapereiro estate of the Lezirias company in the Ribatejo is open on Saturday to anyone who wants to experience

Lisbon’s original rooftop is located in the Necessidades district. View of the 25th of April bridge and the Tagus river, in the west of Lisbon, the capital. Zen and after beach ambiance.

Martim Branco, a delightful schist village brought out of oblivion. Hospitality and discoveries, for a relaxing and diversified stay.

jour de l'an au Portugal

New Year’s traditions in Portugal. Cake of kings, queens, grapes…and blue lingerie. Happy holidays.

Cascais is the Portuguese Riviera. Chic, glamorous and pretty, the city has an interesting heritage. Its beaches are its pride and joy. The Tagus and the Atlantic meet there for an ideal marriage for the holidays.

The portuguese brand Sanjo for tennis shoes

Tennis has its own name in Portugal: Sanjo! A brand born in the 30’s, faithful to its know-how but with contemporary values. Vintage design made in Portugal

O Asiático , Chef Kiko’s restaurant, is refined without being extravagant. A cosmopolitan gourmet well located between Principe Real and Bairro Alto.