Harmonia, a Portuguese restaurant

restaurant Harmonia

                                                          Harmonia, a restaurant where harmony is queen

Harmonia is a restaurant that lives up to its name. It tries to reconcile the traditional with the contemporary.

And it succeeds! Harmonia is part of a family tradition of Portuguese cuisine.

Marco Costa learned the art of cooking from his parents, who for many years ran a famous establishment, Harmonia da Beira, in the Penha da França district.

It was a natural progression for the young Marco, who now runs Harmonia d’Arreiro.


                                                              Wine, barrels and cozido

Harmonia is under the sign of wine.

And this is reflected in the restaurant’s decor.

Beneath a skeleton of a barrel, the simple tables are set in bistro style. In one of the rooms, the glass ceiling is covered with vine leaves.

And on the walls there are hundreds of notches to hold the corks from the bottles drunk by the customers.

An original decorative mural.

You might as well say that Bacchus reigns in this house.

But he has to share the success with Harmonia’s king dish: cozido.

restaurant Harmonia

                                                                         Cozido Harmonia

Cozido? to the Portuguese, cozido is what choucroute is to Alsace and potée is to the Vendée: a complete dish of vegetables, various meats, mainly pork, not forgetting beans and rice.

A home-cooked dish that Marco Costa knows well: he was the owner of ‘Zé do Cozido’, in the Olaias district.

A restaurant with an excellent reputation that soon became too small.

Marco Costa and his partner decided to open Harmonia, which has a beautiful space that seats 130 people.

The rich and tasty cozido is served at lunchtime on Thursdays.

                                                                              Tasty traditional cuisine

Harmonia’s dishes are a taste of Portugal. Like the owner, they are warm and cheerful.

The classic menu is based on quality produce and attentive service.

Starters range from octopus salad to small mackerel in escabeche, not forgetting black pork ham and cheeses.

The main courses feature the region’s typical fish and shellfish: cataplana de garoupa (grouper), robalo (sea bass) with salt, the famous polvo (octopus) lagareira. As well as a wide range of grilled fish by weight.

You’ll also find the full range of grilled meats: roast cabri, harmonia steak, pork medallions… as well as a range of mature red meats.

As for desserts, you’ll find the classic favourites: flan, crème brûlée, pudding…..

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Chef Marco Costa

chef Marco Costa

                                                                          Harmonia Informed

The restaurant has a private room, a terrace and is equipped with wifi.

It is open from 12pm to 3pm and from 7pm to 10pm from Tuesday to Thursday. On Fridays and Saturdays it is open for an extra hour at lunchtime and in the evening.

On Mondays the restaurant is only open in the evening; it is closed on Sundays.

Harmonia is located in the Areeiro (Alameda) district

Rua Actor Isidoro, 3c

Tel: (351)218496048


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