The sunset over Lisbon on the yellow boat

Yellow Boat

                                              Golden reflects on the Tagus River to admire Lisbon.

The Yellow boat carries the colours of Carris, the company in charge of transport in Lisbon.

The yellow is the same as that of the buses and trams…

On Mondays, Wednesdays ,Fridays and saturdays you can board the yellow boat for a sunset on the Tagus.

Lisbon is the star here.

The yellow boat picks up passengers at the Sul-Sueste maritime station, near the large square of Terreiro do Paço (Trade Square).

You have to arrive at 7.50pm and let yourself be carried along the river, for a romantic or family trip.

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yellow boat
yellow boat

                                                                   The beauties of Lisbon

The beauties of Lisbon are offered to us during 1h30/1h45.

On the north side of the river you can see the Terreiro do Paço, the MAAT (Museum of Art and Architecture) and the old Central Tejo electricity building, the Jeronimos monastery, the 25th of April bridge and the Christ the King, as well as the Tower of Belém

But the trip also allows you to discover many details: the pretty little river station of Belém and its lighthouse, the Presidential Palace and the Cultural Centre of Belém.

Boats of all kinds zigzag on the river: the sun hiding on the horizon gives the impression of being stopped in time

On the way back, the Yellow Boat follows the south bank, passing again under the 25th April bridge. Time for Lisbon the beautiful to light up.

And if the sunlight suits it well, its night lighting gives it a magical touch.

The route is accompanied by music and the Yellow Boat has a bar. The first drink is offered, served with some croquettes and peanuts.

                                                       Yellow boat informed

At http://www.lisbonne-affinité we advise you to bring a little wool: the evenings on a boat are always a bit chilly.

It is almost 10pm when you disembark at the sul-sueste station: plan your way back. The river station is very close to the Terreiro do Paço metro station.

The staff are young and helpful and speak several languages.

For further information

tel:+351 21 850 3225

adult price: 35 €.

youth price: €26.25

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yellow boat

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