Street Art,
self-esteem restored
of a working-class neighborhood.

le street art à Lisbonne

Carnide, in the northern suburbs of Lisbon, has a district that has long had a bad reputation.

A set of buildings where immigrant populations or those with few resources are crowded together.

Urban art has changed everything. A project of wall paintings on the fronts of these buildings has visually but also socially modified the neighborhood.

In 2016, under the impetus of the GAU – the city’s urban art firm, in partnership with the municipality of Carnide, launched a major project. Some 50 murals were initially planned, but Padre Cruz has 100.

This makes this district one of the most important with a large urban art intervention.

This urban art is discovered during visits organized by the Boutique da Cultura association.

Guided tours are necessary, because almost every building tells a story: that of the painting, that of the inhabitants, that of the building.

The walls have taken on colour, and the inhabitants associated with the project have felt valued. Of course, urban art has not solved all the social problems, but the inhabitants are proud to show their urban art.

A visit worthwhile. It lasts two hours, normally on the second Sunday of each month. Price: 4 euros.

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Boutique da Cultura

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Tel. 216 050 846

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