Marmoris is a hotel that pays homage to the marble of Alentejo

marbre au sol de l'hôtel Marmoris vila viçosa Portugal

Marmoris Hotel, the 5-star hotel located in the heart of the beautiful city of Vila Viçosa is an ode to marble. From the bedrooms to the bathroom, from the living room to the entrance hall… and up to the SPA, marble is king.

The Hotel was built on a marble vein, discovered by chance. The indoor pool of the SPA is therefore dug directly into the stone. He could only be called Stone spa!

This spa and its pool are preceded by an outdoor pool of beautiful proportions and where marble is more discreet. The interior patio of the pool is bordered on one side by the Hotel’s rooms, with privileged access.

The decoration of the Marmoris is logically entirely dedicated to marble.

The owners deliberately chose this material to register in this region of Vila Viçosa dedicated to marble mining.

Sumptuous marble carpets, basins and baths also in marble… the decoration is sometimes a little full.

The 42 rooms and suites are spacious and equipped with all the modern comforts, and the choice of curtains and bed linen reduces the all-marble aspect.

Narcisus Restaurant.

The restaurant Narcisus Fernandesii is located on the ground floor of the Marmoris Hotel. You can enjoy a contemporary regional cuisine.  A real reinvention of Alentejana gastronomy.

Chief Pedro Mendes gives the impression of having a lot of fun.

But it is sure of its effects: the blends are subtle, and if the visual can sometimes explore audacities, the flavours are never neglected.

Narcisus offers an à la carte menu and a tasting menu at 50 € with an extra 25 € for 4 regional wines.  The offer is completed by a vegetarian tasting menu and a half board.

Pedro Mendes lisboet was formed in kitchens in Belgium, France, England, Ireland and Holland. In Portugal he has directed many kitchens in Lisbon, Cascais and the Algarve. He has been overseeing the destiny of the Narcisus since 2013. We also owe it to a recipe book based on oak acorn, a tradition that has been revived. And he is one of the few algae specialists in Portuguese cuisine. A strong character and a passion that can be found in the dishes.

pedro mendes un chef passionné d''Alentejo

le restaurant Narcisus à Vila Viçosa Portugal
Narcisus Hôtel Marmoris Vila viçosa Portugal

Very soon the Marmoris Hotel will open a second establishment, located at the exit of the city of Viçosa, in a quarry.

This establishment, which will be mainly dedicated to events, has the particularity of being located above a marble mine shaft.

A glass platform allows you to admire the marble vein under your feet.
Those who are afraid of heights will abstain, but the platform is totally safe.

In the future, a crane to which a module will be attached will allow guests to be lifted from the bottom of the mine to ground level. A slow ascent that will be made by tasting the best specialities of chef Pedro Mendes.

A very special moment, which will require a high level of logistics.

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