A schist village with the curious name of ” Martin White “.

aldeia de xisto

           The colour of schist in Martim Branco is the color of hospitality.

No one knows where the name Martim Branco, which means White Martin, comes from. The village is located in the centre of Portugal, in the region of Castelo Branco.

It is a tiny village, with a few streets and a few houses. Most of them are made of schist, sometimes with granite.

The typical brown colour of the old buildings highlights the green of the olive trees that surround the village.

The villagers of Martim Branco – about thirty – take care of their environment.

For the most part, they live from subsistence farming. There is a shortage of labour to gather olives from the olive groves surrounding the village.

But the delightful little village, which seems to be frozen in time, is being revived thanks to the initiative of the Custodios, a local couple.

First of all, they decided to restore some houses and transformed them into tourist accommodation.

Martim Branco

  Xisto sentido, the sense of the schist, a play on the word “sexto sentido”, sixth sense.

“Xisto Sentido” is an integrated project.  The houses have kept their rural and rustic origin. However, they have all the modern comforts.  At night, with the peace and quiet, you can go back in time, rocked by the Almaceda river.

“Xisto Sentido” is part of the https://locallhomes.pt/portugal/ which is dedicated to tourist accommodation in the interior of the country.

A guarantee of quality and unique experiences.


the platform organised the stay of www.lisbonne-affinités.com  Xisto Sentido and the people of Martim Branco made it very pleasant.

An incomparable sense of hospitality that we invite you to try.

Aldeia de xisto

                                       An enchanted and quiet environment

Martim Branco does not have a remarkable church, nor a high chapel. And no noble houses or ornate squares either.

The village offers above all the pleasure of nature and harmony with the elements.

One of the treasures of Martim Branco are its community ovens. One of them is still used today to cook the delicacies prepared by the cook Carmina.

In the restaurant of Xisto Sentido you can taste the regional specialities: lamb or pork roast, grilled meat, cod or duck….

The wood-fired oven in front of the restaurant is used to prepare the dishes. The guests are invited to follow the preparation of the dishes.

The meals are copious and tasty, highlighted by beautiful white tablecloths.

The breakfast included in the price of the accommodation is also copious and proposes local products as for the meals.

                                   A schist village with a focus on authenticity

In Martim Branco you will not be offered tree climbing or canoeing down the river.

These activities are available elsewhere in the region.

The schist village is more about nature: PR- Petite Randonnée paths allow you to discover the surroundings.

They are well marked and the rural B&B provides all the necessary information.

At Xisto Sentido you will be involved in the making of bread. This is the task of Esmeralda who lives in the village. She bakes bread for herself and for the guests.

It’s a pleasure to help out: Lady Esmeralda is dynamic, loves people and treats those around her with a wonderful smile.

The pleasure of eating the bread that you have helped to prepare is a joy.

Not to be missed is the small museum next to one of the flats. If she has some time, Esmeralda uses the jealously guarded loom.

Aldeia de xisto

                               Xisto Sentido, comfortable accommodations

Xisto Sentido has four different types of accommodation.

They have good electric heaters, which are essential in the low season.

The communal area is simple and pleasant: breakfast and meals are served to order.

The accommodation is equipped with wifi

The price is 60 euros per night for two people, including breakfast.

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You can also consult the platform https://aldeiasdoxisto.pt/

Which brings together the schist villages of central Portugal. A varied offer and many activities in perspective.

Martim Branco, a favorite of www.lisbonne-affinités.com

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