Boi-Cavalo, the gallop of an original restaurant

The restaurant Boi Cavalo, the Gnu, is located in Alfama.

Boi-cavalo in english the wildbeest, is in one of the widest streets of this universe of intertwined alleys that is Alfama: Vigário Street.

Twenty places no more in this author’s restaurant, located in a former butcher’s shop.

The butcher’s fridge remained, participating in the staging.

In the open kitchen of the Boi-Cavalo, chef Hugo Brito and his brigade of only 4 people, prepare dishes of a rare originality.

This former plastic artist, a conceptual video artist tired of his own “creative delusions”, has converted to cooking out of necessity. After a trip to Venice, then especially to Holland where he learned everything, Hugo Brito decided to come back to Lisbon 5 years ago.

His Boi-Cavalo is part of what is known as “bistronomy”. But the 45-year-old chef mainly makes a contemporary Portuguese cuisine.

Another originality and not the least: Boi-Cavalo offers a unique 8-course menu, take it or leave it. A way of doing things that discourages tourists who feel frustrated that they cannot choose.

Here in Boi-Cavalo, imagination is in power. Surprising blends, unusual associations, and always at the heart of concerns, the Portuguese authenticity.

Le Boi-cavalo, the wildbeest, offers a fusion cuisine, of course, but fusion is not always where you expect it.

Freed of its excesses, Portuguese “Bistronomy” is working wonders. The wildebeest is a good example.

Any ideas for dishes?

Samoussa stuffed with crab and its roasted fig coulis

Beef heart skewer

Rice with cabbage and snails

Escolar” fish (Azores), and its potatoes variety rata “ao muro”, in fish egg sauce…

Not to mention the melon dessert reduced with champagne and its celery granita, in a cream of popcorn caramel

Price single menu changing regularly: 40 €

Served with wine suggestions: 25 €

Reservations required/Dinners only

Boi-Cavalo (the wildebeest)

Rua do Vigário, 70 B
LISBOA 1100-516


8:00pm – 2:00pm

closed on Monday

218 871 653
938 752 355