Cerveau, Cérebro in Portuguese, is an exhibition to travel in our heads.

In the true sense: this exhibition invites us to discover the meanders of our most complex and mysterious organ. Its morphology, its stimuli, its functioning and the cohort of ingenious systems that make it work.

Origin, ramifications, memory, language, emotions… everything is reviewed.

Exposure, of course, requires a certain concentration. The explanatory panels are not simplistic, and that is good. Scientific rigour has been scrutinized for the requirements of this type of event for all audiences.

Fortunately, the exhibition is punctuated by many interactive moments, very well designed, which are as many breaths in this rich journey.

You can measure yourself against a monkey trained to memorize numbers, test his immediate memory, discover his visual memory. Let yourself be carried away by the bewitching music that literally impacts your brain without being able to interact. The visualization that is proposed of this connection between music and our synapses is emotional.

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator

The challenge is not easy, but Brain/Cerebro succeeds in fascinating.
Like these drawing robots that constantly leave their felt trail on a carpet.

The projected images of a brain in cross-section, in reality a gold engraving, enhanced with psychedelic colours reinforce the feeling of an incredible universe hidden in our skull. This video is amazing.

Brain/Cerebro is subtitled “larger than the sky”. An infinite that makes you think

Gulbenkian Museum

Main gallery

Av. de Berne

Every day except Tuesday, from 10am to 6pm (until 9pm on Friday and Saturday) Free on Sundays