June in Lisbon, the Popular Saints festivals and traditions

Fêtes de juin Lisbonne

                                               A month of celebrations for venerated saints

The popular saints are the masters of June. Especially in Lisbon. The capital particularly honours its patron saint, Saint António.

He’s not the official saint – that’s Saint Vincent – but he’s highly venerated.

In any case, June is a time for celebration

It all begins on 1 June with a big concert starting at 10pm in the Terreiro do Paço square (Place du Commerce). The concert is entitled “Songs for a Summer Night”.

The “Orchestra Pop Portuguesa” orchestra, conducted by Jan Wierzba, will be accompanying the latest pop singers: Ana Bacalhau, António Azambuja, Áurea, Conan Osiris and Marta Ren.

The festivities will close on 30 June in the Gardens of the Tower of Belém, with a show entitled “A Midsummer Night’s Dance”. It will be performed by musician, singer and composer Miguel Araujó.

Fêtes de juin Lisbonne

                                                                 A vast and eclectic programme

The festivities of the popular saints in June in Lisbon are the occasion for countless events. And there’s something for everyone.

These include

In the “Other festivals” (Outras Festas) series

Arraial dos Navegantes: for details, see our article

From 2 to 4 June. Parc des Nations (near the Navegantes church). A popular open-air festival with food, drink and music

2 June: arraial Lisboa Unicorn Capital, at the Hub Criativo du Beato from 6pm to midnight.

3 June: Bollywood Holi, Hindu community, from 11am to 7.30pm, the colours of Bollywood. See the programme https://www.facebook.com/bollywoodholi

2 June (5pm) and 3 June (3pm): Fnac Live, DJ’s set, pop, film music performed by the Lisbon Film Orchestra. This is the 11th edition of this mini-festival. Check out the programme at https://www.fnac.pt/fnaclive

3 June: Night of European Literature, Anjos and Intendente . (11 th edition)Literary arraial in unusual places. See @eunicportugal e @noitedaliteraturaeuropeia

1 to 13 June: Trezena for St Anthony: Fado, guitars, readings, visits, routes, various activities, see details at https://www.museudelisboa.pt/pt/acontece/trezena-de-santo-antonio

16- 17 June, Fado at the castle. An opportunity to hear Fado in the grounds of Saint Jorge Castle. Often original

Impossible to list everything: activities at the Vieira da Silva Museum, the Pessoa House, the 5th anniversary of Lu-Ca, the Camoens Children’s Theatre, arraial pride on 24 June in the Place du Commerce, concerts of all kinds of music…

For more information, visit www.lisbonne-affinités.com or check out the programme at https://egeac.pt/festas/festas-de-lisboa/

Fêtes d ejuin Lisbonne

                                                              Festivals are either popular or not

Popular festivals are the occasion for neighbourhood celebrations. And you can’t imagine Lisbon in June without its parade of steps, on 12 June, on the Avenue de la Liberté, on the night of St Anthony’s Day.

Between 2 and 4 June, the steps are preceded by an indoor competition at the Altice Arena (Parc des Nations). Lisbon’s participating districts will be competing.

And there’s even a special children’s session on 2 June!

Another curiosity is the Saint Anthony’s Day wedding, on 12 and 13 June.

You can find a list of the venues for the arraials at https://egeac.pt/festas/festas-de-lisboa/

Fêtes de juin Lisbonne

                                                             Traditions still alive and well

Saint Anthony, whose day is celebrated on 13 June, is extremely revered in Lisbon.

He is celebrated and rejoiced over. Anthony is a “holy matchmaker” and, among other things, he helps people find lost things.

We suggest you read the articles on www.lisbonne-affinités.com dedicated to Saint Anthony, the festivities and the manjerico (basilica of good luck).

and, of course, sardines that we eat in June.