Go A Lisboa a cool rooftop

rooftop Lisbonne

                                                          Goa A Lisboa, travel destination

Go A Lisboa . The name is a play on words, between Goa, the Indian city and former Portuguese trading post. And the English “go to”.

This name is not chosen at random. The establishment is located on the roof of the “casa de Goa”, the house of Goa.

The house of Goa is a non-profit institution dedicated to the promotion of Goense culture. It also welcomes the citizens of Goa as well as those of Damião and Diu, the two other Portuguese comptoirs.

The five friends who decided to launch Go A Lisboa fell in love with the place, which is full of history.

Indeed, the space adjoins the last wall of the Livramento defence fort, built in 1652.

The fort, built on one of the hills of Alcantara, had an unobstructed view of the Tagus. And today it is this view that the Go A Lisboa offers us.

rooftop lisbonne

                                                             Go A Lisboa and relax

The atmosphere at Go A Lisboa is zen. It is inspired by the place and its links with the house in Goa

Naturally, India is on the menu. Goense cuisine is one of the most interesting in the world. Under the Portuguese influence, it combines the best of both worlds.

These special flavours are reflected in the dishes prepared by Chef Inga.

There is a western and contemporary version of dishes such as octopus with harissa or fresh tuna served with mango salad or meat dishes such as pork belly with beurre blanc and asparagus.

But also dishes inspired by Goa:

Shrimp caril with coconut and spices, chamoussa with meat, chicken chacuti, sea bream stuffed with spices.

A tasty journey, spicy, slightly hot and inviting to look up to the horizon.

Popular dishes at www.lisbonne-affinités.com

Rooftop Lisbonne

                                                           Goa A Lisboa, more than a bar

Drink a cocktail or a beer at the end of the day, take a yoga class, attend a concert in the evening. And stay for a last drink.

Go A Lisboa offers a complete experience, which is differentiated throughout the day

Different areas are set up on the 1000 square meters of terrace. Often in an “after beach” spirit.

The decoration is resolutely Indian, without going overboard. Poufs, carpets, marble tables and decorative objects create the atmosphere.

Goa A Lisboa offers a copious menu of cocktails, beers, ciders, gin and sangria.

The view is original: the rooftop allows you to admire the 25th April Bridge and the Lisbon of the West.

Nearby: the palace and the Necessidades (Necessities) garden.  The palace houses the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The garden is public.

                                                         Go A Lisboa Informed

Go A Lisboa is open continuously, from 10am.

Guests can enjoy brunch from 10am to 4pm, lunch from 12pm to 6.30pm or dinner until 11pm.

The bar closes at 1am on Sundays and Tuesdays, at 2am on Wednesdays and Thursdays and at 3am on weekends.

For information and reservations, email info@goalisboa.com and phone 912 987 163

The rooftop with a view of the 25th April Bridge is located at Calçada do Livramento, 17

The website: https://goalisboa.com

and https://www.facebook.com/Go-A-Lisboa-106985645310044

A concept shop is also available at the entrance to the rooftop.

The kitchen is the responsibility of chef Inga Martim

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