The vineyard in the heart of Lisbon, near 15 Abril bridge

The harvest begins early in Portugal.

In Lisbon it take place at the Tapada de Ajuda, in the ajuda district. These harvests are those of the ISA, the Institut Supérieur of agronomy.

In all, the school has 2.5 ha. The harvest lasts several days, depending on the maturity of the grapes.

It is an experimental vineyard, where agronomists and students test what they are studying: phytosanitary care, cultivation methods, production, etc…..

You can even share the rows of vines with a robot.

The ISA calls on volunteers to collect the grapes that will be transformed into wine that can be purchased on site. The wine is sold at cost.

Everyone is welcome, but you must register on the Institute’s website and fill out a form. Or send an email to

The ISA informs about the next harvest days. The work is done from 8am to 12pm…. in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Bring good shoes, a hat and a bottle of water.

It is an opportunity to experience the harvest, in a friendly and gentle version.

At the ISA we are not ungrateful: the volunteer pickers leave with a small crate of grapes (muscat for lisbon-affinités…mmmm) and other fruits from the property.

And then the Tapada, it is also a huge park where there are many surprises.
Like the exhibition pavilion, built for the 3rd agricultural fair in 1884 and inspired by the Palais du Trocadéro in Paris, now destroyed. A beautiful place that can be rented for parties and events.

The Tapada de Ajuda was once royal: it was a hunting reserve. Its 100 hectares protected by the walls of the walls (tapar: closed) constitute the largest green space in Lisbon.