Terras sem sombre, Terres sans ombre, a different festival to discover the Alentejo in a different way.

Terras sem sombra, Terras sans ombre, offers from January to June to visit one or other of the municipalities of the Alentejo.

The event is much more than a festival. First because it covers a vast territory from west to east, with even incursions into Spain. And because it does not just offer concerts.

Music plays an important role in this. It is classical, scholarly, contemporary with concerts in municipal halls, or sometimes in churches if the theme is justified.

In the 15 years that Terres sans ombre has existed, it is impossible to review all the orchestras, formations, soloists and choirs that have performed there.

15 years ! a remarkable longevity, for a festival that has made homelessness its raison d’être. Adapt to places, propose different, surprising and original ones. Play with agendas, disponibilities, the network of relationships.

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la tradition du Cante Alentejano

Each weekend of Terres sans ombre is composed of three programs

The Biodiversity programme, focused on sustainable development and the preservation of ecosystems. The Musical programme, thematic or not and the Cultural Heritage programme.

This is the transhumance, this is the water circuit in the city. Here is the genetic preservation of species, there is a Spanish organist. Here the tradition of Alentejano singing, there the importance of the Roman presence.

The festival has its own dynamic driven by the idea of conviviality, from culture to the fields, with all the necessary gastronomic and gustatory excursions to appreciate the art of living in the Alentejano.

Lands without shade where it is good to take the time to live. Time to take an interest in a culture that persists despite the difficulties. Time to relax your eyes and soul on changing landscapes.

The next meetings:

Beja: 6 and 7 April

Elvas: 27 and 28 April

Cuba: May 4 and 5

Ferreira do Alentejo: May 11 and 12

Odemira: May 25 and 26

Barrancos: June 8 and 9

Santiago do Cacém: June 22 and 23

Sines: July 6 and 7

The programming of Terras sem sombras includes the presence of a foreign guest country. In 2019, the United States.

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