gallery d'art business center Lionesa Matosinhos

Open Air Gallery, art associated with a business centre

Show works of art in the workplace? enjoy them all day long and share them with customers and suppliers?

This is the strategy launched by Lionesa in Matosinhos.

Located in a former textile factory dedicated to silk, the Open Air Gallery will now enrich the daily lives of the 5000 people who work in this once industrial complex.

The central alley of the Lionesa, a covered alleyway, hosts an exhibition dedicated to Amadeo Souza Cardoso, a modernist painter (1887-1918) born in Amarante and one of the most famous representatives of 19th and 20th century Portuguese painting.

An original exhibition: the alley is punctuated by modules, where reproductions of Amadeo Souza Cardoso’s paintings are suspended.

Identified by numbers, which on the ground refer to the name of the work.  A beautiful effect that offers lightness in the access to this work of the very avant-garde Portuguese painter. Open Air Gallery in the spirit of the times.

An artistic avenue that fits perfectly into the sober and industrial architecture of the Lionesa.

To be completed by another exhibition, dedicated to street art, the street art. Installed in a technical part of the Lionesa, here again the exhibition plays on the notion of aisle, of passage. Photos of the best urban interventions are displayed along a corridor, a reconstruction of a street.

The impression of walking down a street in Porto is striking. Many artists are represented. All of them have contributed to Porto’s reputation in Street art: the northern capital was indeed a pioneer in this kind of artistic expression.

Not to be missed, in a modern post decor perfectly integrated into the spirit of the times.

The Lionesa galleries have many bars and restaurants, and many services. The entrance to the Open Air Gallery is free and open to all.

A trendy place, both fun and concentrated, where some of the most prominent national and international companies have settled.

Lionesa, leça do Balio, matosinhos