Lisbon and its cool designer fair.

la Foire de la chouette s'installe régulièrement au amrché Santa Clara de Lisbonne

                        Lisbon has had an original fair since October 2019.

The Feira do Mocho, the “fair of the owl” is dedicated to designers.

It is organised once a month. And sometimes more, because it coincides with important events: Christmas, sales, Valentine’s Day….

After all it is a market, and the artists and craftsmen and women present want to sell their productions.

The Feira do Mocho, which is regularly hosted at the Santa Clara Market (Pantheon; St. Vincent), is only interested in local creations, only craft productions.

At the owl fair, plastic is not forbidden, but it is just a material like any other that can be used to make an object.

Jewellery, soaps, jams, hats, posters, bags, carpets, t-shirts, postcards, drinks… Prévert would be proud of this list.

Feira do mocho, Foire d ela chouette

The Owl Fair is mainly intended to show the power of creativity.

Whether national or international, it allows you to discover the art of work well done, the original pieces and the careful work of specialized craftsmen and women.

Example of the marquetry of Jacky Cavallari, a Frenchman established in Lisbon where this former student of the Boulle school, makes beautiful wooden objects.

Talent d emarquetterie de Jacky Cavallari

                       Susana Godinho designs beautiful and unique jewellery, inspired by nature.

Silver, gold and pearl create a universe with personality and softness at the same time.

bijoux modernes lisbonne

                                         Sara Ventura’s bags and purses are modern.

The tissue finds another expression

pochettes design lisbonne

                      The Owl Fair, Feira do Mocho, offers workshops and snack areas.

A corner is specially reserved for children who can benefit from creative workshops (against participation). A good idea to go shopping in peace and quiet. There is also musical entertainment.

There is a pleasant atmosphere under the glass roof of the Santa Clara market, one of the venues of the Feira do Mocho, in partnership with the St Vincent district (São Vicente district).

The Owl Fair will be represented at the Festival Clube Criativos de Portugal in the spring of 2020.

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To find out more about the Feira do Mocho and to discover Portuguese contemporary creation, visit the facebook page.

And for the record: The Owl at this craft fair is an Athena Owl, or Little Owl. It is one of the few of its kind to be seen in the daytime and it symbolizes wisdom.