Airport Metro: easy access to Lisbon

  Lisbon Airport has the good idea to be only 7 kilometres from the city centre.

It has two terminals, Terminal 1 being reserved for low-cost airlines. Remember to check your arrival and especially your departure on your ticket.

Both terminals are connected by free shuttles. But the T2 does not have a taxi head. All you have to do is wait for a car to drop off passengers. The comings and goings are unceasing.

The departure hall of Terminal 1 has recently been refurbished and has many international and national shops. It should be noted that on arrival, it is almost mandatory to pass through this hall to collect your luggage.  A little curious, but it allows you to shop if you have the time and desire.

métro aéroport accueil chaleureux

The best way to get to the centre of Lisbon is by metro.

Access is IN the terminal, opening into the arrival hall after the baggage conveyors, just take a right hand turn: some 50 meters to go, and the metro is indicated. It is necessary to leave the hall, the access by an escalator is a few meters in front of you.
The M rouge de Métro is the reference signpost.
Escalators are convenient and lead directly to ticket machines. There you have to be patient: many people, even if the metro station has recently increased its ticketing offer.
You must acquire a transport ticket, responsible for the number of trips you want to make. Currently the cost of a trip is €1.50 and the title €0.50. You can then reload the title as many times as you want. (and you can also buy several trips upon arrival)
1 trip entitles you to a connection within the hour. And the ticket is valid on public transport from the city centre.
You must validate the ticket at the entrance of the metro, and above all keep it in a safe place: it is necessary to exit the station (automatic barriers)

Lisbon-affinité will be happy to write an article about tickets and travel in Lisbon

The “Airport” metro station, on the red line, is a terminal station. It is beautifully decorated with famous Portuguese characters. Caricatures made by the designer Antonio Antunes, which seem to make a hedge of honour to welcome visitors.

Take the time to admire them….