Fashion in Lisbon. The Portuguese capital also has its fashion week – in spring and autumn.

fashion week printemps à Lisbonne

Portuguese fashion at the Carlos Lopes Pavilion

The Lisbon Fashion Week is held at the Carlos Lopes Pavilion, at the top of Eduard VII Park. In spring and autumn for the following year’s seasons

Parades of course…… By invitation only.
And many other things: conferences, debates, photo exhibitions…
And not to be missed, the creative workshop, to better understand how creators create…The main trick? A lot of work!
A bubble pavilion is dedicated to Portuguese footwear and design. It is possible to buy the products on display.
In the vicinity of the pavilion where the parades take place – which the Portuguese call “footbridges” – stands for snacks, drinks and rest.
We meet models between two hairstyles, fashion journalists with an unbeatable look, everyday stars and even real stars.
As everywhere where fashion weeks take place, that’s where you have to be seen. And therefore an excellent observation point to admire the eccentricity of some.
Curiously in 2019 the trend is more towards a form of discretion and simplicity.
The location chosen to hold Lisbon Fashion Week is well adapted, and gives the event a beautiful originality.
From March 7 to 10, 2019.