titres de transport à Lisbonne

Navegante, and Lisboa viva: tailor-made transport

The best way to travel in Lisbon and its surroundings is by public transport. Perfect? Certainly not perfect! Convenient? Yes, if you learn to master the codes.

With its series “Travelling with us”, http://www.lisbonne-affinités.com offers you a summary of the offers and sad transports in the capital.

First step: city buses and trams

The ticket is called a pass. It consists in the purchase of a card, personal and non-transferable, Lisboa Viva (same for Lisboa viagem and 7 colinas).

It can be purchased in ten days for 7 euros or in one day for 12 euros. In this case, only two counters distribute it: Santo Amaro and Arco do Cego (shops). You must bring an identity photograph, passport or identity card and fill in a form. The Lisboa Viva card is valid for 4 years (13-30 years) and 6 years (over 30 years).

Short stay, several possibilities

Lisboa Viva, 7 colinas and Viva Viagem: these cards have the same function. They allow you to top up with the amount you want according to your needs, with a minimum of 3 euros and a maximum of 40 euros. This allows you to travel by metro, bus and tram in Lisbon until the amount is exhausted.
The metro, bus and tram ticket will cost you €1.50 compared to €2 and €3, respectively, purchased in the means of transport.

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  • 24-hours ticket:

24 hours bus/metro: 6,40€

24 hours bus/metro/ ferry (cacilhas): 9,50€

24 hours bus/metro/train: €10.50 (plus train fare)

  • Zapping: all transport for 1 hour: 1.35 €

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le titre de transport agile à Lisbonne

Long stay: two travel tickets.

Again, it is necessary to have a valid card. The principle is the same: you recharge for the duration of one month.

Municipal Navegante:

It costs 30 euros, and allows you to travel on board any transport within the city of Lisbon. It is valid from the 1st of the month until the end of the month, and can be recharged from the 26th of each month. There is a Municipal Navegante to circulate within each of the 18 municipalities of the Lisbon Municipal Agglomeration (AML)

Navegante Metropolitano:

Its price is 40 euros. The principle is the same but it allows you to travel on any mode of transport, between Lisbon and any of the 18 municipalities of the AML. For example, you can travel from Lisbon centre to Sesimbra, using the means of transport that suit you and at your own pace and using the pass.

Thanks to their electronic chips, the cards make it possible to validate very quickly to access the metro platforms or get on the bus.

Warning: checks are not frequent, but they do exist. Failure to obtain a ticket or to pay for the trip is subject to a fine.