Sanjo tennis classes made in Portugal.

Des tennis chics modernes au Portugal

                                           Vintage spirit for tennis made in Portugal

Sanjo is a tennis brand as famous in Portugal as the 2 CV in France or Queen Elizabeth’s hats in the UK.

Sanjo is also an eventful history. The company that makes the tennis shoes was born in the 30’s in São João da Madeira – from where its name comes from. It quickly became successful. In fact, in the 40’s and 50’s almost every Portuguese wears a Sanjo tennis shoe.

However, in the 80s, international competition was going to be a problem for Sanjo.

Neither the relentlessness of the owners nor attempts at modernization and design will succeed in changing the declining trend.

Le modèle K100 2020 de Sanjo

                                            After Asia, the return to Lusitanian territory.

Indeed, times are difficult for Sanjo tennis. They have to go into exile in China. Small problem: the specific moulds to make them have disappeared with all these upheavals.

Finally, at the end of the 2000s, the Sanjo come back home. The new company restarted production. In the end, it undertakes a lot of research to find the Sanjo style again.

This is how the two emblematic models were born: the K100 and K 200.

Tennis classique contemporain Portugais

                                              Sanjo the K style of city and field tennis

The k100 differs from the k200 in the amount on the kick. Both models, which come in many colours, for both women and men, have their fans.

Sanjo has been able to find the original model, while giving it a new look. A trendy vintage.

Modern design, original colours, the men’s and women’s line are distinguished by the choice of tones offered.

The Sanjo are more and more anchored in their time.  As far as environmental protection is concerned. Gradually the brand is moving away from the vulcanization process of rubber, which is toxic, to adopt 100% recyclable solutions.

An idea of a “new old brand”: design, robust and environmentally friendly.

tennis portugal
tennis portugais
tennis portugal
Tennis branché made in Portugal

La société Sanjo dispose d’un catalogue en ligne.

but you can also look for the models in the following boutiques :


Rua dos Capelistas 14

4700-307 Braga


Largo do Intendente Pina Manique 23
1100-285 Lisbon

Street of Candido dos Reis 36
4050-151 Port


North Street 12
1200-286 Lisbon


Largo dos Lóios 89

4050-338 Port

Sacramento 26 sidewalk

1200-394 Lisbon


130 B Dr. Luis Gonzaga Street
4990-114 Ponte de Lima


Avenida 8 Nº 746
4500-207 Thorn


Chumeco Authentic Portuguese Shoes
Embassy Shopping Galery
Praça do Principe Real, 26 floor 1

1250-326, Lisbon


19 Câmara Pestana Street
9000-043 Funchal


Rua S. Julião nº 197 Urb. Qut. da Oliveira 4950-291 Monção


Forum Coimbra, Shop 1.30

3040-389 Coimbra


16 de Setembro Street, Nº17
4910-125 Walk