distribution gratuite d'eau du robinet à Lisbonne

The water patio….from the tap.

Tap water is very good in Lisbon. And EPAL, the capital’s water company, would like to make this known.

For three years the water patio has been refreshing us. This summer he moved back to Avenue de la Liberté, nº 14. The courtyard of the building where EPAL has its headquarters is converted into a bar.

eau d robinet gratuite à Lisbonne

With the particularity of offering only water, and tap water. It can be flavoured with orange, lemon and rosemary, pineapple, mint and cinnamon. Or simple if you wish.

You can also ask for the recipe for cocktails with tap water, written on a small leaflet.

Water is served in recyclable glasses. And the patio is 100% recyclable with its composting station installed at the entrance.

The patio also sells the now famous H2O bottle, a multi-purpose bottle filled with tap water. For the modest sum of 1 € per bottle… the filling is free.

The system is completed by a mobile patio, a mini water bar that circulates in Lisbon to quench the thirst on demand.

The summer patio will close on September 15. It is open every day from 11:30 am to 6:30 pm. Easily visible with its colourful slogans, very close to the Place des Restauradores (West side).

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