photos du tram de lisbonne livre souvenir

Tram 28… 15 or 24, old-fashioned trams that delight users and visitors

Trams that Rafael Santos has been driving with passion for several years. Author of a famous blog in which he narrates the situations he faces during his days or evenings as a tram driver, Rafael also likes to photograph.

The inside of the tram of course but also the rails, stops, climbs and descents….. The thousand and one things and adventures of those he takes in his car. It is true that Rafael spends a lot of time on the tram, his second house, owned by Carris, the Portuguese capital’s public transport company. The tram is very photogenic: Rafael santos knows how to highlight it, thanks to its intimacy with the object, its working tool.

Instatram offers a double pleasure: the pleasure of making the trip in the real tram and the pleasure of keeping the memory of it in your library.

album souvenir du tram de Lisbonne

Rafael regularly publishes his photos on Instagram

And he decided to put together his most beautiful pictures in an album in order to share his very personal vision with all tram lovers, from the “inside”. A well found “Insta Tram”.

The book “Instatram” is presented in Portuguese, English and French. It is a beautiful souvenir of Lisbon. Remembrance of this tram, which is the city’s brand image.

206 pages summarizing the innumerable journeys of a passionate person, at the selling price of 13.50€

The book in the format 145x 145 mm is a freelance edition. Instatram can be purchased at the Palavra de viajante travel bookshop, an area dedicated solely to travel literature and located at 34, rua de São Bento in Lisbon

And also by contacting the author on  or

And by email