Meet Van Gogh exhibition in Lisbon, the meeting of a genius

Expositon interactive Van gogh Lisbonne

                                    Van Gogh a genius torn by his many demons.

He was not yet 40 years old when his last suicide attempt was unfortunately successful.

However, the brilliant artist had time to leave us a masterpiece that still amazes us today with its creativity and daring.

Neither the vicissitudes of life, nor the psychological troubles Vincent suffered can make us forget the incredible feeling of fullness in front of the landscapes he painted. But the torments are constantly present, in a debauchery of colours and textures.

The experience “Meet Vincent Van Gogh”, is a didactic and playful exhibition dedicated to the artist. It took place in Belém near the Tagus, opposite the Palace of the Presidency of the Republic.

Exposition consacrée à Van gogh

                               A talent ignored in his lifetime.

The experience “Meet Van Gogh” tells in 40 minutes the life of a painter whose life is rather unknown to the general public.

While some of his paintings are easily recognizable and identified by most spectators.

The exhibition fills in these gaps by proposing a biographical journey that gives pride of place to interaction.

It is subtitled “Please touch”: video and touch – and even touchless – screens encourage interaction.

In reality, immersion works really well when you are faced with U-shaped screens: the images retrace Vincent’s journey, from England, to the Netherlands and France of course.

                                          Van Gogh dares explosions of colour and revolutionises painting.

The psychiatric hospital of Saint Rémy in a corridor or Vincent Van Gogh’s famous reconstituted room help to recompose the austere and painful life of the immense artist.

Deep down, the Meet Vincent Van Gogh experience makes familiar the life of the man marked by the love and friendship he bears to his brother Theo.

The spectators are invited to make their own portrait or, thanks to a video screen, to try their hand at painting.  A real experience.

However a regret can be, that there is not a single real painting of Vincent Van Gogh.

                                                        A friendly and family experience

The Meet Vincent Van Gogh exhibition, which has been interrupted due to the coronavirus epidemic, will be on view from 3 June to 30 September.

However, all precautions are taken to guarantee the safety of visitors.  At the same time, the number of people in the tent where the exhibition is located is limited.

The experience can be enjoyed from Wednesday to Sunday from 10 am to 7 pm (last entrance at 6 pm). Prices are differentiated

Adult : 13/15 €.

Student, child, senior citizen, reduced mobility: 9/11 €.

Family (2 adults and 2 children) : 29,5 /36 €.

Esplanade Das Missas in Belém (Tagus side at the Musée dos Coches)