plage de carcavelos

Carcavelos beach is a ten-minute drive from the centre of Lisbon.

Accessible by train, the most convenient solution.

From the station, a shaded and paved alley of just over 1 kilometre leads directly to the beach. A tunnel passage leads to the sand.

Carcavelos is almost 2 km of beach from one end to the other. On the east side, it is bounded by the Fort of São Julião, a Vauban style fortress.  West side, Cascais.

The beach is the first ocean after the mouth of the Tagus.

The beach of Carcavelos is popular, it is a great success, because of  the ease of access and the size of the sandy area. As a result, it is often overcrowded.

Well equipped with sanitary facilities, it also offers lunch or dinner, thanks to the many bars and restaurants that border it.

Carcavelos is also a surfers’ beach and some of the best Portuguese sportsmen have studied there.

Waves in tunnels are particularly appreciated. Sport is practiced all year round. A sliding school and shops allow you to get acquainted with surfing or rent equipment.

Surfers started the trend in the 1950s for the “January 1st bath”, a tradition that continues.

An area of the beach is also equipped with sunshades and deckchairs.

One of the pleasures associated with this pretty beach is the tasting of the “Berlin Bolo” (see), a rich and creamy delicacy that serves as a snack.

In winter, this beach, which belongs to the Estoril coast, is also a place where seabirds and land birds can be observed.

How to get to Carcavelos beach?

By Route 6, commonly known as “Marginale” the very pretty Corniche Road. Car parks above the beach

By train, from Cais do Sodré. Regular departures, count 26 minutes of travel. From Carcavelos station, an alley leads to the beach, add 15 minutes. Cost of the one-way ticket: €1.95