Open House: two days dedicated to architecture

Open Hous

                                                             Open House May 2023

Open House on Architecture, returns on 13 and 14 May. An opportunity to get up close and visit many of the capital’s places and buildings.

There are 73 different places listed to visit during this excellent Open House.

Visits are free on a first come, first served basis. Some of the tours are guided tours and you have to register on the website.

The 73 places and buildings are very different. From the grain silos on Lisbon’s quays, from the Palacio do Grilo to the synagogue, from the architect’s studio to the local library…. many surprises.

Each time the unusual is offered to our eyes and architecture becomes accessible to us.

www.lisbonne-affinité highly recommends the Open House.


                                               A reflection on the city

The 12th edition of OHL allows us to reflect on the different architectures that surround us.

The days are organised around 4 themes: the urban void, space under construction, ruins and occupied buildings (palaces, libraries, schools, private houses).

OHL 23 offers 4 guided city tours:

the history of the city from the Gulbenkian Foundation to the São Domingos Church (Saturday 13 May at 11am)
bairro de Ajuda (Saturday 13 May at 4pm)
Tagus riverfront area (sunday 14 may 10am)
the street art of Marvila (Sunday 13 May 5pm)

The Open House also proposes a sound circuit in the Amoreiras garden, designed by journalist and author Anabela Mota Ribeiro.

The architecture days offer exhibitions, workshops, a photography marathon, etc.

and even an evening event on Saturday 13th in collaboration with the night of the museums.

All details on the website