Une ligne de tram calme et agréable à Lisbonne

The Tramway is an emblem of Lisbon. To discover, the quiet line 24 in the centre of Lisbon and its many tourist suggestions

The Lisbon Oceanario or aquarium is one of the most beautiful in the world. It is one of the most popular attractions. It fascinates young and old alike

The bougainvillea is the other flowery show in Lisbon and Portugal, with the jacarandas. The pretty coloured spots of the exuberant tree sing the Mediterranean in the heart of the ocean capital.

The pleasure of harvesting in the heart of Lisbon. Ajuda’s tapada and its vines, an outdoor activity.

Lisbon is the only European capital by the sea. Carcavelos, his first beach. Easy access, a large strip of blond sand.

Alfama has some nice surprises in store. You can eat original food at the Boi-Cavalo, which offers an inventive tasting menu.

Tap water in Lisbon is very good. To prove it, the Water Company has it tasted in the city centre. Fresh and original stopover, free of charge, the water patio.

nice view from the top of the 25 april bridge in Lisbon

Pillar 7 … Pilar 7, a breathtaking experience.

It is at 80 metres above the ground that the Pillar of the Bridge 25 April unveils its glass platform. Under the visitor’s feet, the void.

And at eye level, the cars on the apron. In front of you and below you are the cars that they drive on Avenue da India: the feeling of floating between two universes.

A breathtaking ascent – in complete safety – which offers an unprecedented view of eastern Lisbon. The gaze extends to the mouth of the tage. And from the other platform, without transparency underfoot this time, you can admire the red roofs of the Alcântara and Santo Amaro districts.

The elevator is external, and partly transparent, it allows you to see the access floors to the platform.

The ascent is done in stages. A first elevator provides access to the side rooms where you can admire the cables that support the structure. The surrounding blue gives the feeling of being in the middle of the Tagus. It is then necessary to exit and bypass the pillar to enter the second elevator, the one built outside the pillar.

At the exit, at the ticketing level, a virtual reality experience is proposed: it allows to accompany the employees who take care of the bridge’s health and supervise its structure. Once again a breathtaking experience, and virtual access to inaccessible areas of the bridge.

Until now forbidden to the public, the ascent to Pillar 7 guarantees strong sensations.  An experience similar to the one you can have at the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, inspired by the April 25 bridge in Lisbon…

On the ground along the route leading to Pillar 7, metal discs that provide information on the construction of the bridge and the meaning of the visit: very beautiful signage.

Backpacks must remain at the ticket office, and the control gates guarantee the safety of visitors.

Pillar 7, a different experience.

Admission fee: 6 euros. Virtual reality requires an additional 1.5 euros.

Pillar 7 is open year-round-unless December 25. From 10am to 8pm from May to September. Until 6pm from October to April.

Access to Pillar 7 is in Alcântara, at the Hotel Vila Galé Opéra, just before the Congress Centre.

pont 25 avril sur le Tage à Lisbonne

Les dessous du pont 25 avril

belvédére pont 25 avril à Lisbonne

Ambiance bleue pour flotter dans les eaux du Tage..en toute sécurité.

Une mise en scène soignée pour faire patienter les visiteurs.
Accés au belvédère du pont 25 avril

Vertige? en tout cas une sensation forte

lisbonne et le pont 25 avril

Au sol tout le long du parcours vers l'ascenseur du Pilier 7, une signalétique en métal originale.

Lisbonne pont 25 avril

Lisbonne orientale. Santo Amaro et Alcântara vus du belvédère du Pont 25 avril.

expérience Pilar 7 pont 25 avril Lisbonne

Une expérience, le Pilier/Pilar 7.

Pilier 7 Lisbonne

Les câbles du pont à haubans du 25 avril. 

Lisboa Viva and Navegante

The Lisboa Viva Card is a flexible transport ticket, which can be recharged according to your transport needs. It also gives access to the two titles Navegante for Lisbon and for Lisbon and crown.

Voyager malin dans Lisbonne avec la Lisboa Card

The Lisboa Card is the ideal way to visit Lisbon. Unlimited transportation, great discounts on museums, attractions and shops. In all peace of mind, the advantageous ticket